Man changes his official gender to a woman in order to retire five years sooner… LGBT mafia goes insane with rage

When the law blatantly discriminates against you for being a man, simply self-identify as a woman in order to correct this gross injustice. This is what an Argentinian man recently did after discovering that he would have to work five years longer to achieve retirement simply because he’s a male rather than a female.

Sergio Lazarovich, who now identifies as “Sergia,” had worked for many decades as a tax preparation specialist in Argentina, and would have had an additional five years to go before finally gaining his freedom from being a wage slave. But once he realized that female workers in Argentina are allowed to retire earlier than male workers, he saw an opportunity for early release from his labor prison.

Recognizing that this disparity is unfairly discriminatory against males, and seeing the current state of gender confusion in the public realm, “Sergia” came up with a plan. With the help of his lawyer, “Sergia” filed the necessary paperwork to change his official gender status to female, which in turn allowed him to retire half a decade earlier than if he had remained a male.

It was a brilliant way to turn one of life’s many lemons into lemonade by capitalizing on the LGBT mafia’s crusade for “anything goes” gender identification. It further sets an example for anyone else out there who’s discriminated against – mainly straight, white males these days – to take matters into their own hands and achieve justice.

“Argentinian law allows any person to change their gender on identity documents to match their self-perception, without having to provide evidence of hormone treatment or gender reassignment surgery,” explains the Daily Mail Online about how easy it is to self-identify as the opposite sex in Argentina.

Suddenly LGBTers are against “equality” when those outside of their community take advantage of ridiculous gender identity laws

But once the LGBT mafia caught wind of the fact that their own special interest legislation had backfired in support of someone outside their community, all hell apparently broke loose. “Sergia” is now being accused of “falsifying” his alternate gender for a purpose other than degeneracy and attention-seeking, and LGBTers everywhere are fuming with rage over the matter.

Since “Sergia” is a heterosexual man who’s been married to the same woman for more than 25 years – and has never once actually considered himself to be a woman trapped inside a man’s body – he apparently doesn’t qualify for equal treatment under Argentina’s loose laws of gender fluidity, according to the LGBT mafia.

But “Sergia” is sticking to “her” guns, emphasizing that Argentinian law is unfair and unjust. Furthermore, if any random LGBTer can change his or her gender on a whim for pretty much any reason, then “Sergia” is entitled to the exact same treatment under the law, no matter what “her” reasons for altering “her” gender in the eyes of the law.

“His conviction is that it is unfair that, because he is a man, he has to work five years more than a woman,” a relative of Sergio, now “Sergia,” reportedly told the Argentinian newspaper Informate Salta about the situation.

“He has been working on this for more than three years and was advised by lawyers and the first plan was to make a complaint to the State citing discrimination. But it was an option that could have taken many years and no one could guarantee that the court would rule in his favor.”

When confronted personally about “her” alleged “false” gender identify, “Sergia” held nothing back in responding: “I don’t have to explain anything to anyone.”

To this we say, more power to him – or “her,” if you prefer.

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