University of Southern California unveils “dismantle whiteness” mural in latest insane attack on people based on the color of their skin

Students majoring in communications and journalism at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles are now being forced to walk beneath a giant anti-white billboard that was recently placed above the threshold to the building where their classes are held, according to shocking new reports.

That’s because the school recently gave permission to a militant campus feminist group called “When Women Disrupt” to install a racist “art” piece that demands the immediate removal of both misogyny and “whiteness” from USC’s campus. The piece, which sits amid four giant paintings of “women of color,” can be found at one of the entrances to USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism building.

As revealed by The College Fix, the prominent black and white signage, which When Women Disrupt produced with the help of students enrolled in a class entitled, “Women: Designing Media for Social Change,” isn’t occupying its new home without controversy. But its supporters certainly don’t care.

“The installation is intended to spark dialogue,” stated Annenberg communications professor Alison Trope in a statement to The College Fix.

“To that end, the signage is meant to offer grounding of terms and ideas. There is no expectation that everyone agree with the statement offered by the artists, but hopefully viewers can acknowledge the experience of peers on campus around these issues.”

Even though the all-caps statement depicted on the sign, “DISMANTLE WHITENESS AND MISOGYNY ON THIS CAMPUS,” is clearly racist against people with light-colored skin, Trope believes that it represents a positive change to USC’s campus that will get people talking about what she believes is an important issue.

“In fact, the text was derived from conversations with students about race, gender and class issues on campus. There have already been many generative conversations prompted by the work – by those who align with the sentiments and those who do not,” Trope’s statement adds.

When Women Disrupt feminist group still unhappy, says racist sign should have been placed on main thoroughfare

The only reason this type of “installation” was even permitted in the first place is because it takes yet another swipe at white people – which in 2018 America seems to be the only type of racism that’s been institutionally sanctioned as acceptable. And yet, even this isn’t enough for When Women Disrupt, which is already busy bitching about the fact that USC’s administration refused to allow the “art piece” to be placed in a more prominent area on campus.

In an article published in The Daily Trojan, USC’s campus newspaper, multiple students bemoaned the fact that a billboard demanding an end to whiteness couldn’t have been placed on Watt Way, the main thoroughfare through which most USC students must walk in order to get to class.

“It’s placed in a very hidden area of campus where it’s not usually seen and I think that speaks to the administration and how they want to frame and direct the conversation and the impact – the fact that it is inward-facing not outward facing – all of these factors are intentional from the administration and I think this project would have been much more powerful if the artists were given more freedom,” whined USC student Claire Porter.

Trope had similar feelings, stating that it was “disappointing” to her that every USC student isn’t being forced to see “DISMANTLE WHITENESS” every single day of the week that they attend classes.

According to The College Fix the Annenberg School’s “Off the Wall” series, with the sponsored support of the Institute for Diversity and Empowerment (IDEA) and USC Visions and Voices, is directly responsible for this latest affront to white people.

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