Jimmy Kimmel mocks black people with impunity … because he’s a liberal, and liberals never face any consequences for their BIGOTRY

The shocking double standard in the way that Leftists treat conservatives versus members of their own tribe has perhaps never been more shockingly apparent than with the recent controversy over statements made on the internet by conservative, Trump-supporting actress Roseanne Barr.

Roseanne, as you may already know, recently had her show cancelled and now no longer works for ABC in any way, shape or form – all because of a tweet she made mocking former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. But when late-night hack Jimmy Kimmel did far worse, painting himself in “blackface” and making fun of African-Americans way back when on The Man Show, nobody on the Left batted an eye.

That’s because Kimmel is a member of the liberal elite, which means he isn’t held to the same moral or ethical standards as people who aren’t recognized in the same way. Despite the fact that Roseanne has an extensive history of liberal-type behavior she now claims to support President Trump – which is an unforgivable sin to liberals in Hollywood and the mainstream media.

This clip of Kimmel dressed up like former NBA basketball player Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz reveals everything you need to know about how liberals operate.

What many would consider to be a highly offensive impersonation of a black person – black body paint and all – was laughed off as no big deal because liberals like Kimmel can do anything they want. But when a conservative like Roseanne commits a far less, but still politically incorrect, act, she’s burned at the stake for it.

“Malone was known to speak his mind on a number of subjects, often without a filter, and that provided the media with a but of humor,” writes Cillian Zeal for The Western Journal about how Kimmel took advantage of this comedic fodder.

“However, this bizarre sketch involving Malone and what he believes about aliens — and namely, where they probe — goes a bit too far in mocking not only Malone but also his manner of speaking in a way that could very obviously be considered racist.”

Jimmy Kimmel has mocked black people, the vaccine-injured and homosexuals, while making jokes about sexual abuse and pedophilia

What’s not at all shocking if you’ve followed the sordid career of Jimmy Kimmel over the years is the fact that this liberal nut-job has never once apologized for using blackface in a comedic sketch – something he never would have gotten away with were he a conservative.

Instead, he’s gone on to mock many other marginalized groups, including vaccine-damaged children whom he verbally abused, along with their parents, in shameless insensitivity to the untold thousands of human lives which have been harmed by the deadly chemical cocktails found in vaccines.

When recently confronted by Fox News personality Sean Hannity for sexually harassing women, also during his years on The Man Show, Kimmel responded with a homophobic tweet implying that Hannity and President Trump were having sexual relations together – for which he was never held accountable.

Kimmel also once participated in a skit on The Man Show that featured overt references to pedophilia, another holy grail of the Left. Replete with references to “Pizzagate” and other common pedophile symbolism, the skit made a joke out of children being sexually abused by adults – and once again, Kimmel was never held accountable.

On and on the list goes as to Kimmel’s many moral infractions over the years, and not a single one of them has ever resulted in consequences. Kimmel continues to host his late-night show and is routinely praised by liberals as a “positive” voice in comedy – no questions asked.

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