WHISTLEBLOWER: Leftists have a secret plan to legalize child sex trafficking… all in the name of “love”

The rapid rise of anything-goes liberalism – the idea that absolutely nothing is off-limits, so long as it defies conventional norms in some way – has driven at least one self-identifying feminist to ally with the unlikeliest of bedfellows: a prominent Christian magazine.

Natasha Chart, a 43-year-old board chair of the radical feminist group Women’s Liberation Front, recently spoke to The Christian Post reporter Brandon Showalter about some of the growing divisions within leftist circles. One of these divisions centers around the legalization of child sex trafficking, to which Chart is diametrically opposed.

One would think that wanting to keep young children out of the sex trade would be something that everyone supports, extreme leftists and devout conservatives alike. But Chart apparently found out the hard way that child sex trafficking is one of the left’s newest “virtues,” and that opposing it, even as a far-left feminist, simply won’t be tolerated.

In a nutshell, Chart says she was fired from her political advocacy job at a company known as RH Reality Check, now known as Rewire.News, for expressing opposition to the growing push to legalize allowing children to sell their bodies for sex.

As a former Jehovah’s Witness, Chart says she’s well-versed in cult-like behavior and manipulative tactics, insisting that all of this is present in the feminist circles where child sex work is supported. Those like herself who oppose it either have to keep it to themselves or else face ostracization and other repercussions.

The full details of Chart’s tempestuous journey in liberal la-la land as an opposer of child sex work are available at ChristianPost.com. But suffice it to say that Chart was basically driven out of her work for essentially exposing the secret mission of extreme leftists to normalize child sex slavery.

“The progressive press won’t touch it, the regular press doesn’t seem to follow these issues, and self-publishing a story like this would likely have been pointless,” Chart told The Post.

“And I know most of the audience of a publication like The Christian Post might not sympathize with my political views, but I would rather hope that everyone reading would look beyond me, and to the institutional rot of a political edifice that was so easily taken over by a sex industry advocacy that’s alien to its founding principles.”

Mainstream liberal feminist is diametrically opposed to freedom of thought

What’s interesting about the whole thing is that, despite all the rhetoric about giving the marginalized a “voice,” the feminists and liberals working within the confines of organizations that are pushing for the legalization of child sex work are prohibited from using theirs.

Chart says that she came to realize that not only was she prohibited in her former job from speaking her own opinions on the matter, but so were her colleagues. Those who hold “unpopular opinions” in opposition to child sex trafficking are routinely marginalized and muzzled, similar to what she experienced as a former Jehovah’s Witness.

“There was this really intense policing about who you are allowed to talk to, who you are allowed to know,” Chart says about what goes on in some of the more mainstream feminist circles, “whose arguments you are allowed to respond to, who is allowed to quote whom. It was a disturbing sort of social experiment.”

After repeated attempts to try to reason with both her colleagues and superiors, Chart learned that there simply isn’t room for free thinking in these liberal feminist echo chambers, especially when it comes to opposing anti-women movements like transgenderism. Everyone is expected to fall in line or else leave, which is ultimately what drove Chart to seek refuge in telling her story at The Post.

Chart also says that what’s calling itself feminism these days is more of a reactionary movement of people who hold an “oppositional, rebellious son perspective” of life. “Women have been bullied into accepting this Anything Goes mentality as feminism because you get criticized as a prude if you don’t.”

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