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One of the great ironies of leftist politics is the idea that by separating everyone into special groups based on their skin color, religion, ethnic background, or sexual orientation, “inclusiveness” and “equality” for everyone will somehow be the outcome.

During a recent episode of his Health Ranger Report program, available at, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discusses how the “victimology” mindset inherent to leftist identity politics actually does the opposite of what its advocates claim.

Rather than join people together, leftist identity politics creates endless divisions that allow tyrants to take over and force their will on we the people. Victimology also leads to chaos and disunity, which seems to be the goal of today’s far-left liberals.

“I hope you recognize the insidiousness of identity politics, and how this game of hatred is being played in the name of ‘inclusiveness.,'” Adams states during his show. “Identity politics is the effort to try to make every group a victim. This is how they destroy society, destroy culture, lead us into civil war, all that.”

The full segment of this episode of the Health Ranger Report is available for viewing below:

The “zombie apocalypse” has already arrived

Back in 2015, Adams warned about the coming “zombie apocalypse” – basically the idea that society at large is going to become so dumbed down and irrational that “zombie logic” would ultimately prevail. Well, according to Adams, it’s not arrived.

“Everybody’s worried about the zombie apocalypse – it’s already here, people!” says Adams.

Politically speaking, leftist zombies are now perpetuating endless group-think stupidity about contrived victimology and the identity politics that go along with it. It was on full display during the recent confirmation process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who we were told was automatically guilty of sex crimes simply because a woman accused him of such.

There’s no such thing as due process, evidence, or even rational thinking with modern-day liberals, in other words. They pretend to be all about “inclusiveness” when, in reality, everything they actually promote and advocate for seeks the exact opposite.

“The goal is to try to get everybody to believe that they are one of those group victims so that they’ll vote for Democrats. This is the entire goal,” warns Adams.

“The Democrats say they’re all about inclusiveness, they’re all about treating people equally, and looking past their skin color and religion and race and sexual orientation and so on, but they’re not. They judge people based on their skin color. They talk about exterminating whites. They talk about ‘white privilege,’ which is a nonsense, racist term.”

Modern leftists are all about spreading hate and division

Like textbook sociopaths, modern-day leftists have an obsession with accusing conservatives of being everything that they, themselves actually are: racist, hate-filled mental cases who have no tolerance for anyone but themselves and other people who think and act exactly as they do.

“The left is the hate group,” says Adams. “The Democrat Party is a hate group. The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) is a hate group, and yet they talk as if they have a monopoly on inclusiveness.”

“The people who are truly tolerant and inclusive are those who don’t judge people by the color of their skin, who are open to the best ideas, or the best employees, or the best ethics, regardless of your skin color or religion or sexual orientation or background.”

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