Find out why leftists love judging people based on skin color

The party of “tolerance” and “love” sure is engaging in quite a bit of intolerance and hatred these days, particularly against people with white skin. And the reason for that, says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is because leftist Democrats have always been like this – they’ve simply switch the narrative from being anti-black to anti-white.

During a recent episode of the Health Ranger Report, available at, Adams points out the hypocrisy of today’s leftists, who claim to be “colorblind” and embracing of “all cultures and races,” and yet have it out for Caucasians.

“The left says you should never judge someone by the color of their skin. And yet they spend all day, every day, judging everybody by the color of their skin,” says Adams. “Don’t you find that to be an interesting contradiction?”

Leftists are notorious for claiming as their own true civil rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr., insisting that they represent their modern-day leftist agenda of “social justice.” But this, too, is a misnomer, as what King taught stands in stark contrast to the leftist narrative of 2018.

“Martin Luther King Jr. judged people by the content of their character, and not the color of their skin,” explains Adams.

“Well, today, the left judges you in a negative light if you have Caucasian skin, or a positive light if you have brown skin or black skin. They judge people by their skin color. They judge people by the surface of what they show on the outside, rather than what they are on the inside.”

Liberal Democrats and Antifa: The true purveyors of intolerance, hatred, and violence in America today

What it all comes down to, says Adams, is the leftist obsession with identity politics, and using it as a means to divide people rather than bring them together. Even though people from all backgrounds share commonalities like wanting to make a living, have a family, and attain stability and success, the left only sees division.

“The left wants to separate people by identity politics, instead of bringing people together by the common dreams that they share, which include liberty, which include compassion, which include just living a comfortable life, having achieved a decent income, maybe a family, maybe a home – things that provide stability,” Adams contends.

“The left wants to divide everybody by what they look like, or what they talk like. They want to criminalize you for using the wrong gender pronoun. You’re supposed to not call a person ‘he’ if that person wants to be a ‘she’ for that day. Even though they may be a biological man, they can decide in their own mind, without notice, that suddenly they’re a ‘she.’ And if you call them a ‘he,’ you can be arrested in California.”

The only type of unity that the left tolerates is unity within leftism – and only if you don’t have white skin. If you’re white, not homosexual, and, God forbid, male, then there’s no place for you in the party of “compassion” and “love.”

“The left believes that it’s okay for every group to have a culture except Caucasians, basically European-Americans,” says Adams.

“It’s only offensive to the liberals in America because they find America offensive, because they are intolerant, they are full of hatred, they are bigots. The bigots of the modern day are the left. They are the bigoted racists. They just flipped the color of the costumes they’re wearing.”

What he means by this is that anti-black groups like the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), a leftist creation, have morphed into anti-white groups like Antifa, also a leftist creation. Instead of white garb, these racists now wear black costumes, face masks, and hoodies as they wreak havoc in the streets and cause violence wherever they go, primarily against white people.

“They use the same tactics: violence, intimidation, suppression, censorship, all justified by their social justice BS,” says Adams.

“And what do they stand for? Violence. Violence against black people. In other words, ‘they’ want to commit violence against those they hate. It used to be violence against black people, and now it’s violence against white people.”

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