Leftists planning to “protest” over resignation of Jeff Sessions who they hated when he was enforcing immigration laws

The lunatic Left is triggered again, so you know what that means: More loud, angry protests, more denouncing America, and more phony outrage.

What’s triggering them this time? Why, the firing of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the very same man they have accused of being a racist and a bigot since he began enforcing all immigration laws.

As you may have heard, after more than a year of complaining about Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Justice Department’s “Russian collusion” investigation almost immediately after he was confirmed by the Senate, POTUS Trump on Wednesday “requested” that the former Alabama senator turn in his resignation. 

But now that he’s gone and the president has appointed Sessions’ former chief of staff, Matthew G. Whitaker, to be acting attorney general and to take oversight of special counsel Robert Mueller’s ‘investigation,’ the George Soros-financed Left is outraged — outraged! — because he’s an avowed critic of Mueller and has said so publicly.

And you know, if the Left doesn’t have Mueller’s witch hunt investigation percolating in the background, ready to hassle and harass the president and those close to him at a moment’s notice, well then life just isn’t complete, apparently.

The liberal mobs are being mobilized this time by that Leftist darling and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who sent out a tweet encouraging the like-minded to take to the streets (again) over an action that POTUS Trump is constitutionally permitted to make.

“It’s happening. This is the “Break Glass in Case of Emergency” plan to protect the Mueller investigation. 5pm (local time) protests tomorrow/Thursday Nov 8. We knew this would happen at some point — the day has arrived,” she wrote, retweeting a post that called for the same thing. 

Other Leftists are contributing to the irrational, irresponsible actions, including CNN legal ‘analyst’ Seth Abramson.

The Left-wing organization Public Citizen only added to the unnecessary hysteria with a tweet claiming that POTUS Trump’s firing of Sessions has created a “constitutional crisis.”

“In firing Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump has crossed a red line and started a constitutional crisis. We are activating our rapid-response network, launching mass protests nationwide TOMORROW (11/8) at 5pm local time,” the organization tweeted.

This is no ‘crisis’

The Soros-backed MoveOn.org also got into on the hysteria.

“BREAKING: Grassroots activists around the country are gathering for rapid-response protests THURSDAY, default 5pm local time (but check event posts for local details), given news of #Sessions‘s firing. This is a red line crossed, an attack on rule of law. nobodyisabovethelaw.org,” one of the group’s administrators, Anna Galland, tweeted.

Quite frankly, these people are disgusting human beings. Not only are they contributing mightily to the yawning divide in our country, they’re trying to gin up reaction to a perfectly constitutional act by the president — simply because they don’t like him.

Well, they’re not required to like him or agree with his policies. But there is something to be said about being responsible citizens, especially at a time when we’re so divided that all it will take is one spark to ignite something very, very horrible.

To be clear, there is no “constitutional crisis” when a president, acting under his Article II authority, removes a Cabinet member or some other lower-ranking Executive Branch appointee or employee. Just as there is no “constitutional crisis” when he appoints people or hires them.

Whitaker may very well take action against Mueller. He should; the man has spent nearly two years and $30-plus million dollars to produce exactly nothing regarding his original mandate — find illegal behavior between the 2016 Trump campaign and Mother Russia.

Watching the Left explode over Sessions’ firing after spending his entire tenure trashing him is the epitome of hypocrisy. But since Leftists don’t have the hypocrisy gene, they can’t see that.

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