Smoking gun: Democrats generated wave of votes AFTER the election to change the outcome via fraud

Massive election theft by Democrats is continuing in Florida, where Democrats keep generating fabricated ballots while demanding repeated recounts until they get the result they want.

“Democrat leaders in Florida directed staffers and volunteers to shear altered election forms to fix improper absentee ballots AFTER THE DEADLINE,” reports The Gateway Pundit. “The plan was to have Florida voters fix and submit as many absentee votes as possible in hopes of including them in the vote totals.”

An “activist” federal judge ruled that these illegal, fraudulent votes must now be counted in Florida’s election, effectively changing the rules of the election after the fact in order to help the Democrats win.

There’s nothing that left-wing judges won’t do to steal the elections in favor of the Democrats.

Naples Daily News is reporting:

But an email obtained by the USA TODAY NETWORK – Florida shows that Florida Democrats were organizing a broader statewide effort beyond those counties to give voters the altered forms to fix improper absentee ballots after the Nov. 5 deadline. Democratic party leaders provided staffers with copies of a form, known as a “cure affidavit,” that had been modified to include an inaccurate Nov. 8 deadline.

It’s yet more proof that Democrats are working overtime to steal the election in Florida. Meanwhile, widespread election theft continues in California, where every close race is being stolen by Democrats through ballot manufacturing and fraud.

The Democrats have become the party of vote fraud.

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